HE/SHE review: Erika Lust – XConfessions DVD

[By HIM] Over the span of two consecutive nights, my GF and I watched the entire XConfessions series. Why not watch ‘em all at once? Well… um. Ya know :) 


Wether you call it feminist porn, couple-friendly erotica or (god forbid) porna, Erika Lust is the reigning queen in the genre. Her films have a reputation of being exquisitely filmed, with beautiful, natural looking performers, a strong focus on female pleasure and fantasy, and great music.

Born in Sweden in 1977, the Barcelona based director burst onto the scene in 2005 with Five Hot Stories For Her, and has produced five multiple award winning titles and four books since. Xconfessions is her latest creation – and the first ever of her films for us to watch. For this project, Lust took anonymous sex confessions on her website xconfessions.com, and turned them into explicit short films.

As with all her work, the sex is mostly straight vanilla, with the occasional foray into mildly kinkier territories. There’s almost no dialogue, just a few words of Spanish here and there, and no subtitles. All performers are young, Mediterranean-looking people. We would have preferred a bit more diversity, but find compensation in the scenarios, which are all over the map. Some we liked better than others of course, but all in all, it’s a great collection, bursting with creativity, style and quality, and we highly recommend it!

1. I fucking love IKEA


The first is a woman’s fantasy to watch her man assemble IKEA furniture, while she lounges on the roof terrace, drinking a cocktail and teasing him. She leafs through an IKEA catalog, which in her gaze becomes a porno mag. It’s quite creatively done, and the super saturated colors evoke a hot Spanish summer day.

Then the sex kicks in, and we more or less abandon the IKEA story. The woman walks to the man (all characters in the series remain nameless) and starts sucking him off. What enfolds is rather mechanical looking sex, we feel very little connection between the two actors. Only minutes into it do they kiss each other, and look each other in the eyes.

As they also look a bit too ‘porny’ for our tastes (heavy make-up, fake nails, super toned bodies etcetera), we decide this one is not for us, and skip to number two.

SHE: 3/10
HE: 3/10

2. Let’s make a porno


Now THIS is something else. A real life couple gets a chance to star in their own porn film. We see them enter the set and talking to the director, making of-style, then settle down on a pretty, white-linened bed. He brings her croissants and orange juice, goes to the bathroom… and then they start making amazing, lazy sunday morning type love. This soon evolves into raw, sweaty, animalistic, hungry fucking.

It’s obvious from their amazing chemistry that these two are a real couple. They kiss A LOT, which is hot to watch, and you really feel their connection. They know their way around each other’s bodies – and those aren’t your typical porn physiques! Both are on the skinny side, him with a sweet face that belies his heavily and randomly tattooed torso, her with luscious breasts and a full, untamed bush that’s a wonder to behold.

A few times, the edit cuts back to the ‘making of’ camera and we see the crew doing their job around the bed. It’s a fun touch, very nicely done. Lust shows great restraint and does not overuse this storytelling device – a few times is enough, and just right. This is ace!

SHE: 9/10
HE: 9/10

3. Sit down, shut up, and watch


‘I like her already!’ is the first thing my GF says when we see the cheeky smile of the female lead. Her husband is in for a naughty surprise! He may sit down, shut up and watch… as she has sex with a gorgeous young man right in front of his eyes.

‘Fuck, that’s horny,’ GF moans. I wholeheartedly agree.

The girl is a total stunner who simply radiates joy and naturalness. She has awesome red hair (though soon enough, we find out she ain’t no natural redhead…) and a slender body with perky breasts.

The men easily qualify as true eye candy as well. The cuckolded husband is a very handsome, late thirties guy, sharply dressed and obviously athletically built, even though he keeps his clothes on. Apparently, Erika Lust has a thing for closely cropped beards, because like almost all men in this Xconfessions series, he sports a well groomed three days’ growth.

The younger guy she fucks is an early twenties, hairless twink, with a fresh face and a slightly bent, uncircumsized cock. He fingers (and thumbs!) her endearingly, while kissing and carressing her pussy and softly licking her short, black bristles. She pushes him back to unzip his pants and takes him in her mouth, all the time maintaining intense eye contact with her young lover, while her husband looks on. It is not until the boy fucks her that she looks up and exchanges a beautiful look with her man. It is awesome.

The scene continues, and when it is over my GF looks at me and says ‘Best. Porn. Ever.’

SHE: 10/10
HE: 9/10

4. Hold me so tight it hurts


Sometimes, all you need for a beautiful porno is a chair, a red curtain and an end of beautiful red rope. And a nice, curvy model to tie up, of course.

Hold me… is a very tasteful, minimalist affair. We see masterful hands strapping the rope around creamy white limbs, carving delicately into the flesh. The palette is deep red, pale skin, black hair. We hear breathing, and eerie music.

And those marks on her skin when the rope comes off… very tantalizing.

I am new to bondage, but this definitely piqued my interest. My GF has already ventured a bit further into those dark territories, and she absolutely loved this one!

SHE: 9 / 10
HE: 7 / 10

5. A blowjob is always a great last minute gift idea


A funny filler with a guy sitting on a park bench, eating a cock-shaped popsicle. What else is there to say? :-)

SHE: 1 / 10
HE: 6 / 10

6. I ama verry badx secvretary


The Xconfessions DVD comes with a booklet containing the actual confessions, with a still from the film it inspired. The confession I loved the most was this one, as it is at the same time sexy and very funny! It’s the fantasy of a secretary being touched by her boss while she works, and as his touches become more intimate, her spelling becomes increasingly erratic, until eventually it’s all just gobbledygook.

Strange thing though, porn. Sometimes it seems to tick all the boxes and still fails to excite. Like all other segments, this one has beautiful cinematography, the music is perfect, the premise is interesting, and both models are easy on the eyes – at least, the girl is. The guy’s face remains offscreen for most of the film, as he’s mainly a disembodied cock. The few times we cut to a reaction, his face seems rather impassive. She, on the other hands, rolls her eyes and fake-pouts her lips like a good oldfashioned porn girl. The breathing and moaning sounds dubbed.

Some obligatory cunnilingus, a long and uninspired blowjob, and an extended stretch of lacklustre fucking, shot in tedious in-out-closeups, resulting in him cumming on her stomach. She does not come, and no wonder. We didn’t either.

SHE: 3/10
HE: 4/10

7. Sadistic trainer


We were very curious about this one since we saw this awesome making of video of Erika Lust’s first ever full blown orgy scene. Luckily, it did not disappoint!

The story? It’s about an asshole crossfit trainer who pushes his students to breaking point. When they decide they won’t take it anymore, the classmates tie up the trainer and torture him by having sex right in front of him, forcing him to watch powerlessly.

To be honest, the acting isn’t exactly Oscar material, but once the teacher is tied down and the orgy starts, things get really good. We seee some familiar faces from other films in this collection, and it’s basically one hot, sweaty, grinding, touching, sucking and fucking mess. Everybody seems to genuinely enjoy themselves. Makes you wish you were there!

This is the one scene on the disk where we found the lack of diversity actually a bit jarring, though. Everyone is really, really white, and really, really fit – except for one slightly voluptuous girl in the throngs. It was nice to have her there, happily fucking away!

Stylistically it has a cool eighties flavour, with the stark white backgrounds and fluorescent aerobics clothing, Olivia Newton John’s Let’s get physical-style.

SHE: 7,5 / 10
HE: 8 / 10

8. Obsessed


“She is gone, but I still want her. I want every inch of her beautiful body. […] Three years later and I’m not over her, or the sex that we had.”

Thus starts this Xconfession, and Erika Lust turns it into a lyrical short of a man in a room completely dominated by his memories of a love lost by projecting images of her on the walls and on his body. In this, his memory prison, he makes desparate love with – with whom? My GF and I had different theories. She thinks it’s the girl from his past – he’s imagining it. I think she’s a surrogate, a hooker maybe, judging by the fake eyelashes. The girl in the projection was more natural.

It’s very tastefully done, but somehow I couldn’t really get into it. Maybe it’s those eyelashes that bothered me, or it just made me a bit sad. My GF didn’t mind too much though and thought the whole thing had a really artistic vibe. Quite an interesting short.

SHE: 7 / 10
HE: should really watch it again to be able to rate it :-)

9. My first time eating oysters and pussy


Lesbian scenes in mainstream porn usually look like they hurt. Blond, hairless bimbos with long fake nails fingerbanging woefully dry looking pussies. Ouch.

Not here. There’s plenty of moisture, and I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but let me just repeat that there’s plenty of moisture… know what I mean? The women look stylish but real, with soft bodies and even a bit of pubic hair. Yay!

Like the Shibari film, this one is shot in a studio, stylistically minimalistic with nothing but a black backdrop and dramatic lighting. Two beautiful women share oysters and each other’s luscious bodies, and it’s quite a mellow, mesmerizing affair.

On a side note, it’s interesting to see how Erika Lust plays with porn stereotypes. Her first ever film was a take on the whole ‘pizza delivery boy’ trope. In this lesbian film, both women keep their stiletto pumps on, giving the clear signal: you’re watching PORNO, people! My GF loved it and now she wants to get some stilettos herself. Women are strange.

SHE: 7,5 / 10
HE: 7,5 / 10

10. I pegged my boyfriend


I love queer porn. Something about hairy dykes rabidly fucking each other with strap-ons really does it for me :-)

The only thing I never got my head around, is the whole ‘sucking a strap-on’ thing. It has no nerve endings, it has no flavour, so for the life of me I can’t imagine where the ecstatic looks come from.  It just looks really, really silly to me.

Unfortunately, a long stretch of this film is just that: a VERY masculine looking Spaniard sucking on a little blue strap-on, like a piglet sucking a teat. Eventually, she fucks him, but to us, it frankly looked a bit clumsy, not as hard-core and domineering as it might have been.

Not that I have anything against strap-ons. An ex girlfriend once challenged to peg me, and had she not chickened out at the last moment, I would have let her. I find it interesting, if not overly hot.

Same with this short – interesting, but not scorchingly sexy. The sexiest moment for me was when she casually licked his asshole to ready him for penetration. The sexiest moment for my GF… well there really wasn’t one.

SHE: 4,5 / 10
HE: 6 / 10

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