HE / SHE review: Lucie Blush – Alice inside & In my head

He/She Review: Lucie Blush

Lucie Blush is the up-and-coming feminist pornographer behind the websites ‘WeLoveGoodSex.com’ and ‘LucieMakesPorn.com’. She’s 26, French, and lives and works in Barcelona.


Besides being a very entertaining sex writer (her twitter feed and blog are highly recommended!) she also shoots porn with real couples. So far she has released two films: Alice Inside (18 min.) and In My Head (4 min), with more in the works. In true indie spirit, both are produced, directed, edited and shot by herself… on her iPhone!

In My Head (4 min.)
Starring Carlos and his girlfriend

Lucie Blush - In my head

‘Let’s start with this one,’ my GF said, wide-eyed. I happily obliged.

In My Head is a short film, released together with Lucie Blush’ new online cinema, LucieMakesPorn.com, as an introduction to her new, soon to be released feature Room Service.

It is about Carlos masturbating and fantasizing about being with his girlfriend. As he does so, we get inside his head and catch glimpes of her. In Lucie’s own words, “it’s a work about male masturbation and the eroticism of the male body. […] I think women also need a regular intake of eye-candy and Carlos is here to respond to our urges.”

A great idea, and Carlos is certainly an attractive guy. Not unrealistically athletic or handsome, but definitely beyond average, with a firm upper body, broad shoulders and chest, and a nice cock. His body hair is trimmed very short all over, he has a nipple piercing, and a funny dimple in his belly that looks like a scar, which I suspect many women may find endearing. Then: “I like his scar. It’s hot,” my GF says, proving my point.

As for the story, it’s basically Carlos on a chair masturbating, cross-cut with more or less the same shot of Carlos masturbating while being caressed by his girlfriend’s hands. She is invisible behind him, only at the end of the film do we see some of her body, but never her face. Sometimes the camera cuts to a closeup of his hands on his cock or his face, and the whole thing is set to a pretty cool indie rock soundtrack.

So what did we think?
Being a heterosexual guy, I appreciate the idea behind this film, even if it doesn’t turn me on – but I find the execution somewhat lacking. I think the eye-candy would have been even sweeter with a bit more attention to composition and lighting, and a bit more variation in framing the shots. And the music is cool, but why completely mute the sounds of Carlos breathing and masturbating? Those sounds are hot – I’d want to hear them!

But who cares what I think. My GF loved it. “We should see this way more often,” she notes. “It’s hot to watch a guy wanking all by himself. I like to see strong hands and forearms clutching a cock. And he’s handsome. Wish he hadn’t shaved though, it looks prickly down there!’

All in all, if you’re into naked men masturbating (and why wouldn’t you be?), definitely check this one out.

SHE: 8
SHE: 6,5

Alice Inside, 18 min.
Starring Aura and Isi

Lucie Blush - ALice Inside

Lucie’s first porn film was released in October 2013 and stars Aura and Isi, a real life couple from Spain. It’s about a young woman who is torn between her independent single life, and the possibility of a blooming relationship with a one-night-stand who knows exactly how to please her. And boy, does he!

The movie opens with a sequence of interior shots of a sunlit apartment (it’s Lucie’s own flat – we see her DVD collection, which includes her former employer Erika Lust’s Cabaret Desire and Five hot stories for her), followed by a pair of shapely, heavily tattooed female legs walking toward the eye of the camera.

Internal monologue
It’s Aura (or ‘Alice’), a pretty, boyish, punk rock-looking girl of about 25. We hear her internal monologue, as she wonders what to do – she has to be at work in twenty minutes, and there’s a guy still sleeping post-coitally in her bed.

The bed is an IKEA Fjellse, by the way, the cheapest frame around, which is fitting as the whole production rocks a charmingly low-fi vibe. I rather dig it, but my GF keeps getting distracted by details in the background, like an electronic drum kit that’s just sitting there, or a lamp that’s cut off by the frame.

As she muses, Aura just stands there, touching her beautiful breasts and deo’ing her armpits – which I found particularly sexy to watch. Just when the introduction starts dragging on, Isi joins her. Standing behind her, he starts kissing her neck and caressing her body. He is a slender, dark-haired guy, sporting an equally “indie” look, which we rather like. No fake porn bodies here, although it should be noted both are completely shaven.

For the next sixteen minutes, they have REALLY good sex. Their chemistry is awesome to watch, Aura and Isi make eye contact the whole time, and kiss and lick each other’s mouths with delicious passion. ‘Look at him… he really knows what he’s doing!’ my GF purrs approvingly as Isi gets on his knees to give her passionate head.

His fingers and tongue focus on her with power and accuracy. Usually, cunnilingus scenes in porn look look a bit obligatory (not to say ridiculous), but here, Lucie Blush delivers some true quality pussy worship! They then fuck all the way through the apartment, growing visibly sweaty in the sweltering apartment, and end on the Fjellse where they have very passionate, playful and real sex.

Here, the cutting is a bit rough and we jump from sexual position to position without much continuity.

The scene ends with more of Isi licking and basically fucking Aura’s pussy with his face. This is presented in one long, continuous, amazingly arousing shot, and in the end she comes, twitching and laughing delightfully. Strangely, the music (which is stock, but surprisingly un-irritating) just meanders on while she cums, instead of underlining the climax, somewhat diminishing the intensity of the moment.

Lucie takes a selfie with her geared up iPhone. The mirror broke during the shooting...

Yep, that’s an iPhone.

Alice Inside is a very good first porn film, with a cast any porn director would dream of. Sure, Lucie Blush is not a seasoned filmmaker yet, and there is room for improvement. Cinematography and editing leave something to be desired (of course, being a one woman operation, she doesn’t have an Erika Lust budget, and for a film shot entirely on a geared-up iPhone it looks surprisingly good!).

The monologue interieur is intruiging. For me, it sometimes got in the way of the action, and I’d rather hear moans and grunts and dirty talk and sloppy wet sex sounds, but my GF absolutely dug it. And as a document of pure sexual passion, it’s a total home run.

SHE: 8/10
HE: 8/10


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