HE / SHE review: Body & Soul Remote I

I love it when control is out of my hands during sex. So I just HAD to try this remote control love egg – with my BF holding the remote. In public. Yes, again. Happy Easter :)


The Body & Soul™ Remote I is a remote control love egg with 10 patterns of vibration. Great for couples or solo play, the website says. I’m mostly interested in the couples part, and I fantasize about my BF holding the remote… so I decide to surprise him and buy the egg at Christine le Duc in my neighbourhood.

Do I have the patience to wait until Easter? Don’t think so. So I unwrap my egg, and decide to try it out!

Both the remote and the egg are royal blue. I like it, it’s classier than the pink or purple you mostly see in sex shops. The back of the remote looks a bit like a oldskool mobile phone. Quite discreet, it’s not that obvious it’s a sex toy. The material feels soft and smooth. The egg is quite big to insert, so I use some saliva to make it more slippery. I don’t like lube, it’s chemical, and you can’t go any more natural than spittle, right?

It’s kind of like inserting a tampon (sorry boys) – but let’s be clear, it feels much better! I walk a little bit to see if I can feel it. I can tell it’s there, but it’s not that present. I almost forget it after a while.

Nice & discreet :)

Nice & discreet :)

So… let’s try some buttons! I push one to ten, and feel all the different sensations. Some programs are more aggressive then others. Some have irregular vibrations, which gives me a jolt of surprise. The battery is powerful; I can really feel this, wow! It makes me giddy with excitement. Can’t wait to give the control to my BF.

I can’t hear the egg when it’s in me, so that’s a good sign – although my BF said he could. But then again, he was pressing his ear right up to my crotch… The sensations are quite strong and delicious. I can’t have orgasms with only vaginal stimulation, so the egg is more for foreplay than to achieve orgasms. But that doesn’t makes it less fun and pleasant :)

The cord of the egg is a hard, black plastic. It’s comforting to know that I can easily take it out at any moment, but I can feel it a little bit in my panties. Riding a bike may not be the best idea with a hard cord dangling from your labia…


Happy easter!

 Surprise! Or not?

I decide to use it for the first time during a museum visit in Rotterdam. On our way from the metro to the museum I giggle and hand him the remote. He stares at me. Then at the blue thing with the heart on it. After a few blinks and me joking about finding my egg, he understands. His eyes begin to twinkle and he looks like me with a grin on his face. He kisses me, says something about ‘you sexy crazy thing’ and stares at the buttons.

He pushes. I stare at him, smiling and wondering. He pushes again. I stare at him, doubting. He pushes again. I stare at the remote, frowning.

The photographs at the museum were beautiful.

New batteries, round two

Visiting Christine le Duc always comes with a bit of tension. It’s on a busy street, so everyone can see me entering. But the Monday after our visit at the museum, I enter the shop with a natural blush on my face. The helpful lady in the shop changes the batteries, and gives me the advice to take the batteries out after using it.

So, round two. Another city, another museum, and before that a train ride to Groningen, all the way to the other side of the country. We have to switch trains, and on the platform I give him the remote again. He stares at it, at me. Another grin, but some doubt in his eyes while staring at the buttons. ‘Does it work?’, he asks. Lets find out, I answer.

And it works. I almost jump in the air. He’s not touching me, but feel it inside me! It’s exciting and funny at the same time. Every time I get a little electric shock as he switches the numbers. Sometimes a yelp or a little groan escapes my mouth.

We enter the train and he lets it run on one number for a while. It feels really good; I close my eyes to enjoy. After a while I grasp the remote out of his hands. ‘Let’s save some batteries and give me some peace,’ I wink.

The whole package...

The whole package…

Bea – uuaaaahh! – tiful art

The art in the museum is absolutely gorgeous. Nordic Art 1880 – 1920, with beautiful and dreamy landscapes. And my giggling as background music for everyone to enjoy. I’m following his hands everywhere they go. But I can’t predict all his actions. Him holding his hands in his pockets makes it difficult and yeah, I also like the art.

My BF likes to see me shock and enjoy the sensations. ‘This gives a whole new meaning to the word sex TOY,’ he says. ‘I could play with this thing all day! If only the remote were strong enough for me to use it when you’re at work…’

The people around us haven’t the slightest idea what’s going on. It’s our little secret. He gets horny and so do I.

We go back to the little, modern apartment we rented for the weekend. There, we order sushi, and finish the party. He licks me with the egg in me and it’s exciting. The egg soon makes place for him and we make sweet horny love after a whole day of excitement. The sushi makes a perfect desert and horny breakfast. But that’s a different story ;)

SHE: 8/10
HE: 9/10

Note: make sure you have extra batteries (2-N, 1-12V) to avoid disappointments!


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