About Sweet Smut

Sweet Smut was born out of need. There simply isn’t a lot of good porn that’s fun to watch together as a couple. And without help navigating the inky black waters of the adult entertainment world, those rare gems can be very hard to find.

Of course, more and more producers dedicate themselves to creating quality porn. And there are websites to point you in the right direction. But it’s still a tiny drip in an enormous, filthy ocean. And sex is such a personal thing, that only a ‘couple friendly’ stamp of approval is no guarantee it will turn you on.

So, the world needs all the quality porn it can get ā€“ and better porn reviews. That’s where we come in. Starting in february 2014, on this blog we’ll feature HE / SHE reviews of porn movies ā€“ written by a real life couple that watches those movies together. HE is 35, SHE is 27.

Later in 2014, we’ll start production on our first porn film.

The goal with this blog is to add at least one HE / SHE review per month, and at least one additional review every week. Typically these will be movie reviews, but occasionally we may also review books, events, websites or podcasts ā€“ anything goes as long as it’s related to quality porn.

At a later stage we’ll start adding interviews, and when eventually we move into production of our own porn films, we’ll also feature production diaries!

In real life, we’re a filmmaker (HE) and a therapist & web editor (SHE). Online, we’re SWEET SMUT.


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